FS Tool L1A200
8" x 5/8", Saw Blades for Non-Ferrous Metals, TCG, 48 Teeth



FS Tool L1A200 Industrial Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

Manufacturer: FS Tool
8'' x 5/8'', Saw Blades for Non-Ferrous Metals, TCG, 48 Teeth
Part Number: L1A200
Series Number: L1A
Diameter: 8''
Bore: 5/8''
Blade Type:
Tooth Configuration: TCG
Teeth: 48
Kerf: .112''
Plate: .087''

Tooth configuration: TCG
Cutting material: TC
Expansion slots: CU plugged

For splitting and mitre jointing non-ferrous extrusions, sheets and light bars
On mitre joint, splitting, trimming, double cross-cutting and sizing machines
Material to be cut must be clamped firmly
Use of spray lubrication recommended

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