FS Tool 52712501-34
125mm x 3/4", Conic Scoring Saw Blades, 24 Teeth



FS Tool 52712501-34 Industrial Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

Manufacturer: FS Tool
125mm x 3/4'', Conic Scoring Saw Blades, 24 Teeth
Part Number: 52712501-34
Series Number: 527psts
Diameter: 125mm
Bore: 3/4''
Blade Type: Scoring Saw Blades
Tooth Configuration:
Teeth: 24
Kerf: 3.4mm/4.4mm
Plate: 2.4mm

ƒ?› Tooth configuration: Conical ATB
ƒ?› Cutting material: TC XL4000
ƒ?› Expansion slots: CU plugged Application:
ƒ?› For pre-scoring in plastic laminated sheets
ƒ?› On panel sizing saws with pre-scoring units

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